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Kelly Nolan - Pharmacist and Hormone Specialist

The vision for my business is to challenge women to be their best and put themselves first. I work with Women’s Health and Hormone Therapies in conjunction with Weight Release. In 2012, I lost over 30 pounds and my whole personality changed with renewed confidence. I am very successful in my work due to my own life events.

I recognize the link between hormone balance, self-image and relationships. I open my heart to women and share my story, to inspire them to strive for happiness in their own lives and truly believe that the Law of Attraction will enrich their relationships.

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To bring inspiration, education and empowerment to women all over the world by improving their relationship with themselves in order to have more energy, vitality, purpose and improved self-image.
To provide a system that is easy to follow for busy women who are on the go, work from home or just simply want to make a positive change in their life. They are looking for accountability, education, guidance and commitment.
Everything we do is because we believe in self worth, self care, self love and self confidence. We believe that when we feel those traits aligned within ourselves, we are unstoppable and purpose driven.
  • To challenge women to be their best.
  • To always maintain and enhance the quality of all we do, being mindful and respectful to our clients, never sacrificing quality.
  • To treat clients with transparency and professionalism.
  • To listen and be accountable to our clients to fulfill their true needs.
  • To work with our clients to create a positive mindset.
  • To educate and transform our clients lifestyle by creating daily success habits for their self-driven accountability.

Our Client Patty Changed Her Life With Avita!


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Mitch P.
    I had the pleasure of visiting Avita's office and I was pleasantly surprised on how welcoming the environment was. Kelly is very knowledgeable in all that she does. I really felt like she cared about me and my needs. She took the time to give me a complete tour of the clinic and introduced me to everyone there. I left feeling like I was in good hands.
    Mitch P.
  • Nicole R.
    Kelly is not only a knowledgeable professional, she also has a genuine passion for helping others improve their lives. I have had excellent results with the natural products she provides and I would recommend you try her services. She is very flexible when it comes to squeezing me in for appointments that I would otherwise not make with another provider. I look forward to my visits with her and her team.
    Nicole R.
  • Afton R.
    I had tried many diets that pushed different demands and always gradually fell back into poor eating habits. Avita has not only taught me portioned-eating, it has shown me how great I feel when I am eating clean! Follow the plan, it will work. Its that simple. Kelly's program is strict, but isn't your health and personal pride worth it.
    Afton R.

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