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At Avita, we specialize in treating Weight Loss and Hormone Balance naturally.

Our Homeopathic Weight Loss System will assist the client in burning fat, balancing hormones through fat loss and re-setting the metabolism for continued success. Our goal is to transition the client from successful weight loss to a sustainable lifestyle.

Combining the Weight Loss System with the Saliva Hormone Test goes one step further in treating cause and providing the client with a natural foundation of support through a customized natural supplementation or bio-identical hormones compounded by our Pharmacist. Creating a positive mind-set and a community of accountability will also provide the client with the tools of success.

At Avita Weight Loss Clinics our programs focus on weight release, hormone imbalance, and treating Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism naturally. This includes treating symptoms associated with perimenopause, menopause, male andropause and more, specific to the clients’ true needs. In combination with the Weight Release System, clients our provided with lifestyle coaching to address their own specific challenges such as stress eating, sugar cravings and more. Self-examination of their current habits is encouraged in order to create new success habits.

Our Services

Female Saliva Hormone Test

Do you personally suffer from insomnia, night sweats, and low libido?

VLCD Weight Loss Program

Very Low Carb Diet with Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops

Male Saliva Hormone Test

Do you suffer from: low sex drive, urinary urgency, and belly fat?

Hypothyroidism Testing

Suffering from low energy, depression, sudden inexplicable weight gain, or irregular cycles

Hyperthyroidism Testing

It also can cause anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, and possibly more

Learn about Avita's Unique System

Dealing with Menopause and Weight Gain

Menopause works against our thyroid and slows our metabolism making it very challenging to release weight and achieve our desired goals. Our vision at Avita is to challenge Women to be their best and put #1 first by investing in their health and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

Many women exercise regularly, eat clean with little to no success in releasing unwanted weight and little to no control over every 10lbs that magically appears. Unbalanced Cortisol and poor sleep only complicate our sudden weight gain even more. If only we knew how to plan for this transition, we would seek answers prior in preparation for Menopause.

Start now with a clear understanding that this is not a DIET! Be committed, self-aware and accountable. Create daily success habits and self-care in combination with a positive mindset.

Our System is ideal for busy Women who are on the go, work from home or just simply want to make a positive change in their life.

Phase One of our Weight Release System combines clean- eating with our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula to burn fat and re-set the metabolism. The goal in Phase One is for the client to successfully reach their weight loss goal. This is not a diet! Phase Two is a transition to a sustainable lifestyle and daily success habits specific to the client. For the client it means embracing life-coaching, self-examination and self-awareness by overcoming past challenges and bad habits.

As Women age and transition through Peri-Menopause and Menopause, they may begin to experience sudden inexplicable weight gain and other symptoms such as anxiety, low energy, depression, irregular cycles, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, low libido and more.

Many Women exercise regularly, eat healthy with little to no success in releasing unwanted weight, especially around the middle or belly which can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. They begin to struggle with self-image and their self-confidence will waiver.

Our body shape shifts specifically around the middle which can be very disheartening, our skin and hair become dryer, our nails and bones may become more brittle and our joint pain increases. Our moods may fluctuate, and our energy levels drop.  During Menopause and Peri-menopause, our bodies go through large changes. Our hormones become unbalanced, and our body shows the effects. Our metabolism slows down, and our age begins to catch up with us.

At Avita, we specialize in treating Weight Loss and Hormone Balance naturally. Our Homeopathic Weight Loss System will assist the client in burning fat, balancing hormones through fat loss and re-setting the metabolism. Combining the Weight Loss System with the Saliva Hormone Test goes one step further in treating cause and providing the client with a natural foundation of support through customized natural supplementation and detoxification.

Enhancing our metabolism and creating our own daily success habits is the key to maintaining our weight loss goals. Guided Lifestyle Modification along with the support of our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula will adjust and maintain our improved metabolism. In addition, lowering your carbohydrate intake and getting the right amount of protein combined with a light exercise regimen, for example, will maintain your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. At Avita, our Weight Loss System is an investment in your health.

How We Restore Inner Balance Naturally

Your body is interconnected. When all our systems are operating together, the balance promotes energy, weight release, and positive thinking. When something is off-balance, however, you can feel anxious, depressed, sluggish, irritable, and generally unwell.

At our clinic, we can provide the client with a base-line Saliva Hormone Test to determine the cause of their imbalance and develop a healing program that integrates lifestyle modification with holistic, natural healing methods such as Natural Supplements, Bio-Identical Hormones ( from our Compounding Lab)  and detoxification or a combination of both.

For Women, the Saliva Hormone Test will provide a baseline of Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA and morning Cortisol all of which affect our Thyroid Balance. The Saliva Hormone Test is a teaching tool to understand your symptoms and the best course of action. It’s important that all areas our addressed simultaneously including the thyroid and adrenal gland. Addressing all areas provides the body with the foundation of support it desperately seeks. It also enhances the rate and degree of the clients’ success.

Many Women will suffer from symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue such as low energy, depression, exhaustion, salt craving, anxiety, difficulty waking up, dry skin, insomnia and frequent urination. Proper supplementation can prepare our body for the next stage of life and provide a foundation of support in the hopes of eliminating unwanted medication.

Investigate the Root Cause through Saliva Hormone Testing

Our first step is to do a complete health assessment before we even get started. This will help us determine the best course of action for the client and determine the cause of the clients’ imbalance. Treating the cause, rather than just addressing the symptoms is always most efficient. Saliva Hormone Testing is also ideal as it is completed in the comfort of your home and sent directly to the lab.

Our best testing method and most accurate is the Saliva Hormone Test providing a quantitative and qualitative analysis. Our Integrative Health Clinic can ship the Saliva Hormone Kit directly to your door where the test can be completed in the comfort & privacy of your home and shipped back to the Accredited Medical Lab.  The tests are very simple to complete, and our friendly staff are always on hand for assistance.

Completing the Saliva Hormone Test provides a clearer picture of hormonal imbalances and is a great tool to guide the clients’ successful treatment. In many cases blood work is inaccurate and does not show changes in Thyroid Balance even though the client may have multiple symptoms of an under-active thyroid.

Treat Hormonal Imbalance and Thyroid Issues

Human Thyroid System

Hormonal imbalances, as the name suggests, occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream and attaching to receptors. Hormones are essential for the body to function well and therefore even minor hormonal imbalances can cause unwanted effects throughout the body.

Uncontrollable weight gain, sleeplessness, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings, morning sluggishness, hair loss, low libido, depression and anxiety are some common symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance.

Similarly, an over-active thyroid or an under-active thyroid can also create health issues.

At Avita Integrative Health we have a range of customizable solutions to treat both hormonal and thyroid related issues to support our clients’ success.

Avita's Weight Release System

Our success and value are based on creating a community of accountability and a positive mindset. Step #1 is to ensure the client meets their weight loss goals with our highly successful weight loss formula which burns fat and re-sets the metabolism.

Our System utilizes a Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula in combination with guided Lifestyle Modifications. The Avita Health and Lifestyle Assessment will assist in the creation of positive success habits for the client based on their current health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, food challenges and more.

Our mission is to provide a system that is easy to follow for busy women who are on the go, work from home or just simply want to make a positive change in their life, looking for accountability, education and guidance.

From our assessments, a short-term and long- term plan is created specific to the client’s true needs. The Homeopathic Weight Loss System concentrates on the short-term goals to start losing weight immediately and re-set the metabolism. However, the long- term goal transitions the client to a sustainable lifestyle and successful maintenance. Hence creating their personal blueprint of positive success habits.

What makes us different? Our Avita System provides the client with:

  • a Positive Mindset
  • 24/7 Support in between appointments
  • a Community of Accountability & Commitment
  • Creation of Daily Success Habits & Routine
  • a Guided Lifestyle Modification
  • Educational and a Nutritional curriculum.
  • Successful transition to Maintenance and a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Monthly Membership Program

Our WHY is to challenge Women to be their best and inspire them to put #1 first by investing in their health.

The Avita System is based on self-examination and an understanding of your own challenges and what habits have brought you to this point in your health and how to create the new vision of success moving forward.

The Avita System may include the following:

  • One-hour Health Assessment
  • One-hour Lifestyle Assessment
  • Guided Lifestyle Modification
  • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Accountability
  • Our highly successful Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula
  • Creation of Daily Success Habits
  • Life Coaching & Nutritional Counselling
  • 24/7 Support between Appointments
  • Educational Curriculum
  • Meal Planning (optional)
  • Maintenance Program for Transition
  • Membership Program

Reset Metabolism

Enhancing our Metabolism is key to our success and our ability to maintain our weight loss goals. As we transition to a maintenance program and create our own success habits, modification of our metabolism with our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula provides the Foundation of support.

Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy needed to power everything we do from moving to thinking to growing. Metabolic Rate is how fast your metabolism works and is measured in calories.

The calories you eat can go to one of three places:

  • Work (i.e. exercise and other activity).
  • Heat (i.e. from all those biochemical reactions).
  • Storage (i.e. extra leftover “unburned” calories stored as fat).

Specific proteins in our body control the chemical reactions of metabolism.

What affects our metabolic rate? Thyroid and Hormone Balance is a high priority. The Thyroid gland at the front of your throat releases hormones to tell your body to “speed up” your metabolism. Of course, the more active thyroid hormone there is available the faster things will work and the more calories you'll successfully burn.

Unfortunately for many Women transitioning thru Peri-menopause and Menopause, the Thyroid is often off balance, slowing our metabolism and adding unwanted weight to our already fatigued body. Hence, the Saliva Hormone Test is an important component of a program as it provides the answers we seek. For many women their true need for Weight Release is poor self- image and lack of confidence.

At Avita, our goal is to create a Community of Accountability by supporting the clients’ transformation to improved self-esteem and self-image.

Join our Community of Accountability with a Friend and stay on track!

It’s all about moving forward with success and a positive mindset.

Why Avita is a Revolutionary Health Clinic

At Avita Integrative Health we have treated hormone imbalances for more than 20 plus years. We focus on hypothyroidism, peri-menopause & menopause, male andropause, and our highly successful  VLCD Weight Loss Program.

Our Integrative Clinic can customize hormone treatments to meet each client's specific needs with natural hormone creams alone or in combination with natural supplements to support the clients' hormone imbalance.

Our weight loss program is not just about releasing weight, it’s a lifestyle change that will help you improve your overall well-being and balance hormones. With our Accountability Program, life coaching and personalized support you will be able to stay motivated to achieve your goals with a positive mindset.

Give our office a call or text 416-884–8444 today, where our professional & friendly staff can guide you towards a customized Saliva Hormone Test and modified Treatment Plan that will meet your true needs.