Lose Weight In Your First Month

Have You Heard of Avita Integrative Health?

It’s an amazing system to assist women with the many symptoms and challenges of menopause.
  • Weight Gain
  • Nightsweats and Hot Flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Mood Swings and Brain Fog
  • Loss of Libido

The Avita System is based on a unique combination of proper diet (VLCD), exercise, 1:1 coaching and homeopathic & herbal supplements customized to you! It is designed to regulate your hormones and reclaim your body!

We will get you back to your personal best ever!

Many people ask us what the program will do for them in the short term and long term. In as little as one month, you will notice a reduction in your weight and start feeling more vibrant. As time goes on, you will experience more weight loss, clarity, focus, better sleep and overall, less symptoms of menopause. You will really start enjoying your life again!

Our unique sampler pack gives you the chance to try Avita and get to know our system at a low cost! We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.

You will receive:

  • Herbal supplements (2 VitaFem, 2 Strs Ease) to balance hormones and 1 bottle of Avita HCG homeopathic weight loss formula
  • Baseline Measurements and Weight Report
  • VLCD Nutrition Plan
  • Exercise Tips
  • E Guide – Setting You Up For Success (Avita Passport to Health): What to reduce (diet) | What to add (supplements exercise) | What to change (lifestyle)
  • End of Month Check In and Program Assessment with Kelly, Clinical Director

    Kelly Nolan

    Cost of Sampler Kit – ONLY $199*

    The program will pay for itself in what you reduce from your diet including processed foods, take-out/fast food, high sugar beverages, alcohol etc. You will save a minimum of $10/day on these items which equates to $300 a month!

    Price: $199.00  *payment upfront is $249.87 which INCLUDES TAX and SHIPPING.

    Save Money, Feel Better! What a great offer.