Creating a Positive Mindset for Weight Release

Positive Mindset

Life & Success is all about our mindset. A Positive Mindset creates the energy we need to move forward believing that our vision of success is close at hand. Weight Release is also about our mindset. If you are unhappy with your self-image and body shape, you need to change your habits & be accountable. No excuses…

At 49, I found myself transitioning thru divorce. With relationship changes, I started to struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. Menopause was close by and my body image was a major issue. I would ask my Reiki Master, “When will my life ever get better”. Reality was I needed to change my mindset & my limited beliefs. Other wise I was attracting more of the same.

Most people wake up everyday with the same negative thoughts running like a broken record on their hard drive not realizing the strength of the law of attraction.

Successful Weight Release is about our mindset. We need to be positive and accountable for switching our bad habits to a sustainable lifestyle. Are we interested or committed? Life is not about dieting. It is about creating a sustainable lifestyle and finding a way of re-setting our metabolism for continued success.

As Women age and transition through Peri-Menopause and Menopause the may begin to experience sudden inexplicable weight gain most often on the tummy. They may exercise regularly, eat clean with little to no control over every 10 lbs that magically appears.

Commitment and accountability are key. Its important to implement self-examination to understand the bad habits that brought us to where we are today. However, there is also a hormone component. Unbalanced Cortisol and poor sleep can only complicate our undesired shift in body shape. Completing a Saliva Hormone Test can create a guided pathway of supplementation.
Just imagine how good it would feel to lose your unwanted 20 lbs. Just imagine how good it would feel to open your closet with unlimited choices, like shopping at Winners!

The only road- block to our success is our mindset and any unlimited beliefs we may be carrying like unwanted baggage. Losing weight improves our energy and enhances our productivity. The only thing holding us back from taking action is ourselves. Targeting a Weight Loss Programs specific to Menopause is key. Take action & do what is necessary to improve your health and lose unwanted weight.

Start now by changing your mindset and being accountable to yourself & your health!

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