Weight Loss & Our Self-Image

Weight Loss & Our Self-Image

As we age and transition into menopause, our body shape changes. I have always prided myself on making my health a priority, yet as I reached 49, I was no different than many women my age. I seemed to have marginal control on my body shape and was becoming bottom heavy (pear-shaped).

My weight loss journey began in early 2012, combining our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula with Lifestyle Modifications, hence reducing bad carbs to a degree and incorporating clean eating as part of my success habits. I found the Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula was key to resetting my metabolism and maintaining my weight loss goal.

As you begin a Weight Loss Program it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are my true needs?, for example: self-esteem, improved health, joint pain, body shape?,

2. What is my vision of success?, 10>20>30lbs. or more?,

3. Am I able to commit to making lifestyle modifications?

4. Am I ready to be accountable?

5. Am I in a positive mindset to move forward?

Part of your vision may also be addressing your hormone balance, thrown off track during menopause. Our hormone imbalance often becomes part of our weight loss journey by addressing the cause of unwanted and at times rapid weight gain.

When hormones become unbalanced, we can often experience a ripple effect. It may cause women to struggle with weight gain, (and many other symptoms!) during menopause, which affects both their physical and emotional health. Hormone imbalance during menopause can be a contributing factor to negatively affect our self-esteem and our ability to lose weight. Incorporating the Saliva Hormone Test is a great tool to addressing both weight gain and emotional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, low libido, night sweats and insomnia. Testing provides the client the opportunity to balance hormones by integrating a customized program of integrative medicine, (herbal supplements) along with their lifestyle modifications.

I always tell clients their own perception or their own self-reflection is what counts most. At our age, it’s time to put our health first and create the self- image and confidence that makes us feel good to look at our reflection in the mirror and love what we see!

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