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Kelly Nolan: My Story...the 'WHY?'

Hormone Specialist Brampton - Kelly Nolan

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario within a quiet, “normal” middle-class family. Growing up, I always felt my life was somewhat perfect as nothing ever went wrong. However, if I were to reflect back, I recognize, I suffered from very low self-image and self-esteem.

I attended UBC and graduated as a Pharmacist in 1987. However, prior to graduating I experienced my “1st Life Event.” In January 1987, I was involved in a near-fatal car accident and broke my pelvis in four places as well as my left ankle and coccyx.

After spending a month in the hospital, I went back to school in a wheelchair, having to learn how to walk again. No one gave me a pass; I had to finish every test, every exam and every internship. It was the first time I became self-aware of the inner strength of my character and the extreme courage I had to overcome my physical challenges determined to succeed. Yet fearful that my life could have easily ended that fatal night.

On July 25th, 1987, I walked down the aisle and married my first husband. Moving to Toronto in1988, I began working as a Pharmacist, believing that medication and our health care system would save the world!

In 1991, my first of four children Tyler was born, followed by my first daughter Hayley in 1993. After my third child,

Taylore was born, I met and befriended Maria, a breast cancer survivor. Maria turned my head 180 degrees and taught me the benefits of utilizing pharmaceutical-strength herbal supplements and detoxification to support my health and the health of my children. As I look back, I truly understand how the Law of Attraction brought Maria into my world changing my pathway and starting my journey with Integrative Medicine, Natural Supplements and Detoxification. This was the beginning of my transition out of Traditional Medicine. While Maria is no longer with us, I thank her dearly.

I started to move away from the Pharmaceutical Industry, and eventually opened Avita Integrative Health Clinic and Compounding Lab in September 2009. Unfortunately, at that time, I was in denial that my first marriage was in ruins after four children and 25 years. In 2011, my “Second Life Event” occurred and I separated from my 1st husband, fearful of being alone.

I carried this dark secret for a long time, keeping it from family and clients, feeling like a failure. One day, a very good client asked WHY I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings, and we both shared our stories. This was a turning point in my career. Because of Sue, I started to open my heart and soul to my clients, sharing my life experiences. I became 'real,' always speaking from my heart.

In 2012, my husband and I divorced. When my clients would give me their condolences, I would tell them that it was exactly the shift I needed to move on to the next chapter of my life, as I also realized that this marriage was holding back the success of my business.

After divorce, I devoted myself to my work and my children, determined to be successful on my own. At that time, I was going for therapy with my Reiki Master, Marlene George. We never spoke of the past, only of the future. As I began healing, I worked daily on shifting my mindset back to positive and envisioning the future I wanted.

One day, Marlene kindly told me to write down the qualities I wanted in a man. I stubbornly said, “But I don’t want one!” She quietly said, “Write it down.”  I did and I slept with this list under my pillow like a princess. Two weeks later, I met Kent and we’ve been together ever since soulmates and best friends. Kent told me he waited his whole life to meet me, so in April 2016 we married on a private beach in the Bahamas. Marlene George always told me I couldn’t have abundance and success in my business without happiness at home. She was right!

There are many reasons for my professional success. Kent is one reason. With his love and support, I began loving myself and my self-confidence shifted. I am no longer a “wall flower”. I am a confident Women who engages easily and speaks directly from her heart.

My 'WHY?'

I work with Women’s Health and Hormone Therapies in conjunction with Weight Release. In 2012, I lost over 30 pounds and my whole personality changed with renewed confidence.  I am very successful in my work due to my own life events.

I recognize the link between hormone balance, self-image and relationships. I open my heart to women and share my story, to inspire them to strive for happiness in their own lives and truly believe that the Law of Attraction will bring their soulmate if they ask for it!!

My vision is to challenge Women to be their best and put #1 first.

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