Why Test? 

As Men age their hormones may become dramatically imbalanced leading to many unwanted symptoms-fatigue, loss of lean muscle mass, increased body fat especially in the belly, hair loss, low libido, erectile dysfunction, grumpiness, depression….a very low passion for life to name a few.

Bye, Bye Testosterone

Men lose approximately one percent of Testosterone per year. But the true issue is the conversion to Estrogen that can be stored in fat leading often to unwanted abdominal weight & breast enlargement.  Excess estrogen lowers their natural production of Testosterone leading not only leading to low libido & erectile dysfunction but also Prostate Imbalance.



What hormones are Tested?

Our Male Panel provides a base-line of Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEA & morning Cortisol or the

What is a Customized Treatment Plan?

Once our clinic receives the test results from our Accredited Medical L ab the client is provided with Customized Treatment Options which may include Natural Supplements. Bio-Identical Hormones (made fresh on-site in our Compounding Lab) or a combination of both. In our experience we have found the last two treatment options are most effective as it multi targets & provides the client with the best support.


The Appearance of the Spare Tire

Testosterone & Estrogen play a major role on our body’s ability to store or burn fat. As we age we may not have A high BMI but our fat re-distributes to unwanted areas. Testing is key to target specific areas of imbalance & determine the interaction of all hormone levels.