Kelly Nolan: Getting to Lean!

Kelly Nolan was recently featured in “LivingSpaces & LifeStyles” magazine, published quarterly to communities in and around Dufferin, Caledon, Guelph and Wellington County. LivingSpaces & LifeStyles magazine exists to inform and inspire homeowners, and to showcase the work of skilled local businesses, craftsman, culture and events.

“The weight loss journey can be one that feels impossible, lonely, and frustrating. The industry itself is so competitive and choosing the right weight loss solution can seem impossible. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Kelly Nolan, Pharmacist & owner of Avita Weight Loss Clinic, to find out more about her weight loss program, and other services that can address some health concerns. Customized just for you.

The Avita Integrative Health website explains it best:

“One of the most recent discoveries for successful weight loss is VLCD. Our Very Low Carb Diet combined with clean eating and our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula burns fat in place of calories while increasing metabolism…”

Read more at: Getting to Lean!

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