How effective is VLCD weight loss program?

The world around us isn’t often very conducive to losing weight or maintaining an optimal level of health. The next time you’re in your town or city, take a look at the number of fast food places on one street alone. They practically beckon to us with exciting logos that are easily recognizable from even long distances away. They promise a fast meal that you didn’t personally have to spend any time preparing, and they promise to offer our taste buds a one way trip to heaven. Our lives have become fairly fast paced, and most homes need two incomes to support them; long gone are the days when the majority of households included one person who is available to make those great home cooked meals for the family. Once your work day ends, often your adventures in parenting take you from the hockey arena to the dance studio and back again. Is it any wonder that you’re not at your ideal weight?

You don’t have to accept not feeling your best, and there are wonderful and fast ways to drop those extra pounds that you probably didn’t even notice were creeping up on you until it was too late. Our VLCD program helps people just like you to take off the extra weight in a short period of time so that you can reclaim your life and get back on track. VLCD stands for Very Low Carb Diet and it’s a very efficient way for your body to burn fat and increase metabolism. It can be very hard to burn fat in certain areas of your body; namely your buttocks, abdominal area, stomach, upper back, thighs and hips. To reset your metabolism and direct your body to use those excess fat stores and turn them into energy, we highly recommend our tried and true combination of VLCD with our Customized Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops. One of the most important aspects of our VLCD program is the nutritional guidance and support we offer each and every client, 24/7. We can tackle your every concern, from suppressing hunger to assistance with a better nights rest.

There are a growing number of medical experts who encourage patients to try a VLCD for weight loss as a safe and proven method for dropping pounds. Weight loss in the range of 3 to 5 pounds a week is not unusual, and on this scale, it would be entirely possible to lose a total of 44 pounds in only 12 weeks. The benefits are wide-ranging and include alleviating medical conditions that are obesity related, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The VLCD method gives you results so fast that you’ll be more mentally prepared and inspired to stick with it over the long term. Whether you have a specific target weight in mind, just want to improve your overall health and well-being, or want to lose weight fast for a special occasion, VLCD can deliver.

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