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Our Team 

We provide Customized Treatment Plans to balance Hormones.
Avita Integrative Clinic Health consists of trained professionals with many years experience.

Our team has provided saliva hormone testing for thousands of clients -both male & female, seeking a customized solution.

Inner Balance can be achieved by utilizing one or a combination of the following Programs: VLCD Weight Loss, Female Saliva Hormone Test, Male Saliva Hormone test or Thyroid Testing.

Our Approach

Your body is interconnected. When all our systems are operating together, the balance promotes energy, weight loss, and positive thinking. When something is off-balance, however, you can feel anxious, sluggish, irritable, and generally unwell. At our clinic, we can complete a hormone test for you to determine the cause of your imbalance and develop a healing program that integrates modern medicine and holistic, natural healing methods.

Step 1: Saliva Hormone Test 

Begin your treatment with Saliva Hormone Testing. Saliva Tests are more accurate than blood testing & can provide us with the base line of your hormone levels. With the test results in hand & our expertise we are able to custom design a treatment plan that brings your whole body back into alignment.

Step 2: Customized Treatment Options
Our Integrative Clinic is able to customize hormones treatments to meet your specific needs with natural hormone creams alone or in combination with detoxification programs & natural supplements to support hormone balance.