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Menopause & Making Myself #1

My life, like many women, changed dramatically in my mid 40’s. I started to struggle in my marriage, and having 4 children, I never put myself first. My goals, well-being, & life were always an afterthought. With relationship changes, I started to struggle with self-esteem & confidence. In combination with personal life changes, menopause was close by, and weight was an issue.

Throughout my journey, I began to realize how important it was to focus on my goals and the vision of my future. In 5 years, 10 years and 15 years from now, where did I see myself? It’s important to focus on yourself and your goals and dreams. For many, we tend to always put our needs last, in order to accommodate others in our lives. Does that sound like you? Then you must ask yourself, at what point do I take a stand and put my needs first?

Through my learning experience, I have come to understand and embrace why the following 5 Crucial Reasons to Focus on Yourself, is key to feeling happy, fulfilled & energetic).

1) Accomplishing My Goals:

2) Understanding My Emotions. Am I an empath?

3) Improving My Relationships

4) Power and Strength

5) Rest

Accomplishing my goals
I understand that feeling of supporting others, but it is also crucial to sometimes, put your needs first so that you can also feel happy, fulfilled, and energetic. Then, you can show up for others in a mindful positive waySetting a daily schedule with time for yourself is important. Plan in-advance and stay accountable to yourself for that needed time. This recharging will help you on the way to reaching your goals.

Understanding my emotions.  Am I an empath?
I remember sitting at a Wellness Business Summit and my mentor was talking about discovering if you were an empath. They take on the emotions and feelings of other people. I realized that I was taking on a lot more than I realized, and it wasn’t my own. When you can give yourself time to understand who you are, then you will be able to work with other people, in a more fulfilling and empowering way.

Improving my relationships
When you focus on yourself, you improve your relationships with those around you.  You will begin to see vast improvement in your health, mindset, work and goal fulfillment. It’s amazing how you stand taller, walk more confidently and are more playful, and happy. This in turn reflects in your relationship with others.

Power and Strength
When you focus on yourself you find happiness, which in turn gives you power and strength. For me, I turned to the gym and hired a personal trainer for a year. I filled my cup up first every morning and I liked how I felt. I started to lead with that energy, and everyone started to see and feel a better side of me.

When you focus on yourself, this includes rest.
Working on the next days’ errands, family and friend obligations, social commitments and career will NEVER stop. You will always live in chaos, until you learn how to prioritize a schedule that works best for you. By focusing on you, for even 5 minutes a day, not only are you going to feel amazing, you are going to feel less stressed and resentful, and that, is a wonderful way to live!

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